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How to Choose a Study Abroad Program

OIP specializes in assisting students find study abroad programs that best fit each individual’s personal, academic and financial needs. Consider the following when searching for a program that’s right for you.



Students must meet the following requirements to study abroad:


-Cumulative GPA of 2.75 for semester or year-long programs

-Cumulative GPA of 2.50 for summer programs

(GPA is at time of application and at time of departure)

-Must have at least sophomore standing during term abroad

-Must not be in final semester of degree program during period abroad

-Must have the approval of the Office of International Programs and your department


Types of Programs

Study Abroad– refers to a credit bearing course or series of courses taken overseas, for which the student will receive a transcript from the overseas university. In the case of a faculty-led program the student will register for the home university course and receive a grade from the faculty leader. Students can study abroad for a semester, summer or academic year. Study Abroad may take place under the following conditions:

1. Exchange –provides students an affordable way to participate in study abroad. These programs utilize an established relationship between specific universities that exchange students with each other with each student paying the tuition and fees at their home university and not at the host university;

Direct Study Abroad – program is administered by an organization offering study abroad support services (i.e. School for International Training (SIT); American Institute for Foreign Studies (AIFS); International Studies Abroad (ISA).

Faculty-Led - programs that are organized and/or accompanied by an NCAT faculty member, usually during the summer.

Academic Enrichment Programs– short trips abroad (less than 2 weeks), usually faculty-led, for which academic credit may or may not be received. These include travel abroad imbedded in academic courses for credit and spring break travel overseas that do not include academic credit.

Other Educational Opportunities Abroad– these educational opportunities can be credit bearing or non-credit bearing. Credit can be provided by the program provider or the professor of record at A&T who supervises and provides the grade. Other opportunities include research, internships and service learning.


Your Needs: Personal, Academic and Financial



1. Which world region/culture interests you the most? Aggies can study in over 60 countries.

2. What is your desired housing accommodation? With most programs, students can choose to live in a home stay (with a family), in a residence hall with other international students or even in an apartment near the university.

3. Would you prefer to study in a large city, or close-knit town? There are over 200 programs available that can fit each student’s comfort level.


1. What classes do you want to take abroad? Students can take electives, language courses and sometimes core classes at their host institution. Please check with your academic advisor about your course selection.

2. What is your expected graduation date? If you plan your experience early enough, you will be able to study abroad and meet your expected graduation date.

3. How will your program help you grow as a student? Studying abroad can give you another perspective of your major and desired profession.


1. What is your financial aid package for the term you want to study abroad? OIP can help you find programs that are comparable to your A&T tuition, fees, room and board.

2. Click here for more information about financing your experience






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