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Getting Credit for Study Abroad

Students must obtain pre-approval of courses intended to take while on Study Abroad.  This pre-approval process has two primary functions:
  • Review and approve the academic credibility of the host institution and/or program sponsor.
  • Review and approve appropriate course selection that will enable you to continue academic progress toward your anticipated degree and graduation date.

NC A&T makes the final decision regarding how many credits will transfer from your study abroad program and how they will be represented on your NC A&T transcript and your degree plan (e.g. major credit, elective credit, etc).

The following 3-part process will help guide you through the steps of securing your equivalent credit pre-approval.

1.  Before the Program  (Pre-Approval)

With the multitude of Study Abroad options, it is possible (and recommended) that students plan to fulfill academic requirements while on Study Abroad that will enable you to continue academic progress toward your chosen academic degree.  Study Abroad should not cause a student to extend his/her anticipated graduation date.

As early as possible, learn about potential course options on the program that you are interested in attending. Request course syllabi from the program sponsor or host institution if it is not available on their website.

Make an appointment with your Study Abroad Coordinator and your Academic Advisor to review your course options.  Make your appointment early as advisor schedules are often very busy as deadlines approach.

On the Study Abroad Credit Approval Form, obtain signed approvals from your Academic Advisor, Department Chair, and Dean for the courses you plan to take while abroad. 

As in the United States, course schedules at host universities can change, scheduling conflicts might occur or you might change your mind about which courses you would like to attend.  Thus, get 2-4 additional courses pre-approved as alternates.  And confirm that alternate course choices will fulfill academic requirements for your degree plan.

2.  During the Program

After you have enrolled in your courses you and your Host Coordinator should fill out and return the Study Abroad Confirmation of Enrollment Form to the Office of International Programs via scan, fax, or snail mail. This will inform the Office of the Registrar of the classes that you are actually enrolled in. At this time if you are enrolled in courses that were not pre-approved you will need to contact your Academic Advisor for approval. Please be prepared to send course description information, a syllabi, and other instructional materials to your Academic Advisor for course approval.

Upon completion of the program, it is your responsibility to see that the overseas college which sponsored your program sends an official transcript to the Office of International Programs.  Credit will be granted with a ‘P’for pass for courses in which you have earned a ‘C’ or better.Your GPA will not be affected by study abroad credit. However, future employers and graduate schools may wish to see your overseas transcript, so it is important that you do your best and attend class and perform according to the host university's standards, expectations and assessment.  Be aware that grades and transcripts are often issued by study abroad programs several months after you complete your studies overseas.

The student’s grade is solely determined by the professor and the host university.  If the student has concerns about grading of courses while on Study Abroad, the student is responsible for communicating directly with his/her professor and/or the academic dean at the host institution.

3.  After the Program

Ensure that you give your host institution and/or program sponsor the following address to send your official transcript after you have completed your academic program abroad:

North Carolina A&T State University

Office of International Programs

1601 E. Market St

Greensboro,  NC  27411

Bring all course material back to NCAT with you, including syllabi, work completed, essays and examinations, in case it is ever needed.

North Carolina A&T State University International Programs