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Global Studies Certificate

             Graduating in December 2016? Please complete the Global Studies Certificate Program application and submit to Dr. John Humphrey, chair of Liberal Studies. Applications are due on November 2nd, 2016 and can be obtained from the Office of International Affairs.
Program Overview

The Global Studies Certificate Program (GSCP) is an interdisciplinary program designed to provide students the opportunity to better prepare themselves to live and work in a global society.
Students who Study Abroad and take additional Global Studies courses can earn a Global Studies Certificate. The Global Studies Certificate can be earned while fulfilling the academic requirements for an NC A&T degree in every discipline.
GSCP 200 - Introduction to Global Studies is designed to introduce students to global issues and analysis of the events that have shaped the new global society. This introductory course prepares students for the experience abroad segment to qualify for the Global Studies Certificate Program. 
GSCP 500 - Capstone Seminar in Global Studies is designed to synthesize the coursework and experience abroad. Students will engage in further reading and analysis of current global issues and complete a project that will enhance global awareness in the campus community. Prerequisite: Must have completed all other GSCP requirements.


Students may enroll in the Global Studies Certificate Program by having their curriculum approved by the Office of International Programs (OIP).

In addition to completing general University and major degree requirements, students must complete a minimum of 16 semester hours as outlined below:


Category 1

GSCP 200

3 credit hours

Category 2

GSCP electives*

6 credit hours

Category 3

Experience Abroad**

6 credit hours

Category 4

GSCP 500

1 or 3 credit hours

All courses that qualify for the GSCP must meet the following criteria:

1. Course includes student-learning goals centered on global issues or area studies;

2. Course prepares students to critically analyze and evaluate global issues.

*Foreign language courses must be intermediate or advanced to qualify for elective credit towards the Global Studies Certificate. Please visit the Liberal Studies department for more information on courses.

**Experience abroad can be through study abroad/exchange programs or internships. The Office of International Programs will assist students in selecting an appropriate experience.

Global Scholars of Tomorrow
1 2 3
Spring 2010 Global Studies Certificate Recipients
North Carolina A&T State University International Affairs